Amy Rose Gould

Strategic session

Strategic session

A 60 minute 1:1 call focussed entirely on you, your business or your career.

Amy Rose Gould Power Hour

Are you a VA and……

  • Want an experienced VA to bounce back ideas with

  • Have an idea for a VA service but no idea how to package it

  • Want a new client(s) and need a marketing plan

  • Need a general kickstart for you and your business?

Or are you a PA or EA and……

  • Want to make a move either between roles or companies

  • Want to create a business case for a promotion or pay rise

  • Want to create a better working relationship with your executive?

Then a Strategic Session with me could be the best solution! I’ve been running my successful VA business since 2016 and before that I was a PA/EA in London at a top management consultancy and a Fortune 100 investment bank working for a senior Partner. I’ve been where you are now and have a toolkit that I’m sure will help you move forward.

When you book a call with me you’ll get:

  • An intro email from me and the chance to give me a quick rundown so I can get up to speed / do some research before our call

  • A 60 minute call via Zoom or Skype at a time that works around your busy schedule

  • A summary of our call and your agreed action points

  • Plus, I’ll follow up a week later to see you how you’re getting on - so you’ll get some much needed accountability too!

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