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From PA to VA programme


From PA to VA - The Programme

This is the course I wish was around when I first started as a VA. Efficient, comprehensive and detailed, this is the place to go if you want a complete guide to starting your own VA business from someone who has actually done it themselves.

I’m a qualified teacher too, so the lessons are clear, packed full of information and designed to follow a logical process.

From PA to VA: The Ultimate Guide

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You want to spend more time with your family and less time in the office

  • You want an alternative to the 9-5, office politics and daily commute

  • You want more financial freedom

  • You’d like to be a virtual assistant but don't know how to get started (or where to find help)

Could you imagine if:

  • You were passionate about your work and challenged by doing something different

  • You could choose your own working hours to fit around your life

  • You didn't have to commute to the office everyday

  • You were able to pick who you work with (and how you work with them)

  • You were paid for the value you bring to your clients

Even though you might have years of PA experience under your belt, making the transition to self-employment can be daunting. You're probably naturally a very organised person and like to have all the information, but googling has shown you that there are a million different answers to your questions.

When I left my well-paid job in the City I thought I was pretty prepared for my new venture as a VA, but I ended up stumbling more than once in those first few months. Even though I knew I was a good PA I realised I had no idea how to find clients, how to market my services, how to structure my day or what legal obligations I had. After giddily handing in my notice I assumed I would automatically have a roster full of clients, but after 1 month passed and my income was a modest £500 (yes, massive panic), I began to wish I had some help.

From PA to VA is the programme I wish I had when I first started out.

Since I started in 2016, numerous friends and ex-colleagues have asked me what sort of advice I would give to someone thinking of becoming a VA. I began to put together a standard response of useful information, which became the basis for this programme.

The programme is available as a DIY course, or with 1:1 support from me. Want to speak about the course before you book the VIP or Graduate programme?


From PA to VA

I’ve carefully crafted this programme to include everything you need to start a thriving VA business.

The VIP Package runs for 8 weeks and includes:

  • Four 1:1 calls with me (one call every two weeks)

  • Unlimited email access to me for the 8 weeks and for 1 month after the course ends

  • Unlimited access to all the course materials - 8 modules in detail below (included in Content and Graduation too)

  • 1:1 support building your website

  • Legal contract package for use with your own clients (included in Content and Graduation too packages)

Course content overview

All course levels (the Content Package, the VIP Package and the Graduation Package) have access to 8 Modules of carefully planned content, as well as a legal pack for contracts with your clients. The lessons are delivered through a combination of presentations, slides, reference documents and templates. I’m a qualified teacher, so the lessons are detailed but clear and designed to follow a logical process.

Modules in From PA to VA programme Amy Rose Gould
From PA to VA Module overview Amy Rose Gould

From PA to VA is the first and only VA training programme to be endorsed by the Institute of Administrative Management.


Testimonials from previous enrolees

‘Amy has clearly put a lot of thought into this training course and it is jam-packed with useful information, advice and practical tools. The course content covers everything from marketing, securing clients, pricing your services to tips on how to practically organise your working day when supporting multiple clients. A huge bonus to the course has been the weekly coaching calls with Amy who has been incredibly supportive and is full of tips and ideas and, most importantly, encouragement! The course has provided me with all the information and tools I need to develop a professional VA business and, as a result, it has given me the confidence to make it happen and that is invaluable’.

Jeanna Short

‘This course is of high quality. The material is great, really engaging and so much fun! Amy is a fantastic coach and makes you feel so confident. The content of the course was extremely thorough and the support from Amy was first class and what I have learnt in this course will now enable me to confidently build a professional business while raising a family. I would highly recommend this course to anybody looking to start a successful VA business. Thank you so much Amy for making this such a positive experience!’

Brooke Suttonwood

‘I cannot recommend the PA to VA course enough. After being a stay at home mum for two years with my daughter this course came along at the right time. Not only did it help me build my confidence getting back into the work mindset but Amy was always very supportive and an excellent coach and for that I am very grateful. I now feel I have the knowledge and confidence to strike out and begin my VA business journey. Thanks so much Amy!’

Joanne Smith

‘Enrolling on the PA to VA course with Amy was one of the best decisions I could have made. I had been toying with the idea of becoming a virtual assistant for quite some time, though the more I researched the more confused I became on how to start. The course gave me great focus and is full of practical advice & guidance. Having Amy on hand over email and on the weekly calls, was invaluable; it’s like having a cheerleader in your corner! She has been incredibly supportive while still pushing me out of my comfort zone, to drive me towards my goals. Thank you Amy for helping me achieve so much, so quickly’.


Investment options

If you choose the Content Package, you’ll have access to the online course materials within 24 hours (plus a personalised welcome email from me) and be able to work on setting up your VA business right away and at your own pace.

You can supercharge your business with the VIP Package which is the most popular option. You’ll have everything in the Content Package plus 1:1 support via bi-weekly calls for 8 weeks with me and my support building your website.

The Graduation Package is the perfect solution if you’d like the intensity of the 8 week programme plus my continuing support with business development for the rest of the year.

Click on the images below to find out more:

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Do I need to be (or have been) a PA to join the course?

No, but it is helpful to have some kind of office experience because we’ll be working on building a high calibre VA business, and it’s always helpful to have a foundation to build upon. You don’t need to have come directly from a PA role either. You might have PA or office experience from a past job or you may have taken maternity leave and be looking for a new, flexible career that works around your children. If you feel your PA skills are a little rusty you’ll also have access to my PA Skills Refresher Course as part of the VIP Package and the Graduation Package.

The course seems to cover a lot of subjects. Do I really need to know all this to start a VA business?

The VA industry is unregulated, and although this gives people the freedom to start a business without meeting any requirements, it also means that some VAs are not aware of how to set up a profitable and compliant business. When I started my VA business in 2016 I struggled to find consistent information, and I also felt that there was a stereotypical view of VAs being cheap, unskilled workers. Coming from a senior PA background, I knew that wasn’t the business model I wanted. I therefore designed this course to cover everything you need to be compliant and everything you need to build a thriving VA business.

How is the course presented?

The online materials are delivered through a combination of videos and presentations, as well as a number of downloadable templates and guides. The number of videos vs. presentations in each module differs and depends on the subject matter. Topics that require a lot of detail are often in presentation format so the information can be absorbed at your own reading pace, whereas tutorials are often in video form to show how the tools work. The VIP and Graduation Packages include 1:1 calls with me, and these calls will be bespoke according to each individual’s needs and circumstances.

What’s your training style?

As well as being an experienced PA, EA and VA, I’m also a qualified teacher. This means that I consider how different people like to learn and how to adapt what I’m teaching to suit their learning style. I’m also pretty good at picking up on where we might need to spend more focussed time, versus where you’re already feeling confident. All of this means that although the online course content is comprehensive enough to cover the VA business set-up, the 1:1 calls we’ll have are completely unique and are adapted to what you need at the time.

How long will it take me to complete the programme?

That will depend on the package you choose. The VIP and Graduation Packages include four calls with me spread across 8 weeks (and with a year of support on the Graduation Package). You should aim to complete one module per week, so you’ll complete the course materials within 8 weeks (although you’ll have unlimited access to the materials after that). I’ve designed the course this way so that the content is challenging but completely achievable if you are studying alongside a job or with children in tow. Also, knowing you have 1:1 support for 8 weeks will give you the motivation to have your VA business up and running in that period, and that’s when the fun really begins!

If you choose the Content Package you also have unlimited access to the course materials but as it is a self-paced course you can choose how you’d like to organise your learning.

How can I pay, and can I pay in instalments?

The Content Package is available for immediate purchase via the link above. Payment will be processed via Paypal.

The VIP Package can be purchased via one lump sum or across two monthly payments. You can choose to pay via Paypal as a lump sum via this website, or email me directly to arrange two payments.

The Graduate Programme can be purchased via one lump sum or two monthly payments for the initial training cost of £1450. The ten months of continuing support can be paid in monthly instalments of £100.

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