Amy Rose Gould


How to dazzle your clients with standard operating procedures

Let’s face it: Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) haven’t got the sexiest reputation. The name’s dull, the word ‘procedure’ sounds like something uncomfortable, and anything that falls under the category of ‘rules’ is downright pants.

But SOPs can bring heaps of value to your business and to your clients, and can be used across all types of businesses. SOPs can come in the form of a blog checklist, a client on-boarding process, a hiring checklist or email response sequences.

If you’re scaling up your business or just trying to get a bit more organised, SOPs can make your life a lot easier. And here’s how:

How to dazzle your clients with standard operating procedures.png

They save you time!

What’s the point of reinventing the wheel every time you do something? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Writing down the steps you take to complete a task from start to finish means you have a template for each time you carry out that task. Instead of using valuable brain power on writing out repetitive emails or putting together a training plan, create an SOP to use each time.

And if you don’t like writing, record yourself / your screen and get someone else to type the steps up for you.

They help you refine and improve

It’s a lot easier to see how things work and how you can improve your processes when they’re all laid out in front of you. The act of writing out your SOP can highlight ways to refine your processes, or you may realise there are easier ways to do things once you/your team have followed the steps a few times.

They help you delegate

Having your processes laid out in one document can also make it easier to see where you can enlist help. There are plenty of things you really don’t need to do yourself, and if you’re organised enough to have everything laid out your business may even be able to run without you.

It also saves you having to re-explain steps to every new member of staff. all you need to do is share your SOPs via email or in your project management space, and your team can get cracking.

They keep it consistent

There’s nothing worse than a potential client pointing out that you’re saying different things in different emails. To keep things consistent, use SOPs to ensure you’re taking the same steps at each stage of a task. If you’re using email sequence templates, you can be sure there will be no spelling mistakes. If you’re using a hiring checklist, you know you won’t miss out a vital element when bringing someone into your business.

SOPs. They’ll make you look (and feel) like a pro.