Amy Rose Gould


From primary school teacher to virtual assistant (my post for Did Teach)

Some of you may know that in between PA/EA roles in London I retrained as a primary school teacher. As fun as it was at times to work with reception-aged children, the workload wasn't at all fun (plus, 30 children in one go is a lot).

Anyway, when I returned to the City I realised I had picked up an enormous amount of transferable skills while I was teaching - planning, organisation, creativity, listening and problem solving, to name a few. And when I started my own business a few years ago I was able to bring all these skills together to build something that became quite unique: a virtual assistant, professional development training, coaching and mentoring business. Something that I could never have done in formal employment, I'm sure!

I recently wrote a blog post for Did Teach about my career journey, the first and only consultancy in the UK run by teachers, for teachers who are transitioning from education into other sectors. You can read the full post here.