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Special post: Yasmin's adventure into the VA world

Yasmin joined my From PA to VA programme in March this year. I asked about her experiences during the programme and on completion and she wrote a wonderful post which I’d like to share. Yasmin has a lot on her plate (three children and a small business) but she threw herself into the programme and has had some amazing results! I hope you enjoy reading her story.

Hi I'm Yasmin, keeper of 3 free-range children and once upon a time Executive Assistant in the London corporate world. Life changed dramatically when I had my children, moved to rural Essex and I couldn't see how I would ever return to my career. Soon after the birth of my 2nd child, I started a small business from my garden shed, which allowed me to work from home. Although successful, this business has become more challenging as the children grow older and is no longer a great fit for us anymore. 

Now that my eldest can make her own breakfast and the youngest starts school in September, it would be the right time to get a REAL job! But did I really want a REAL job? Doing a daily commute? Working 9-5? Partying on a Friday night? (although I would like to think I could still party hard!). But more than anything else, did I want to pay someone to else to watch my kids grow up? Why couldn't I do what I am good at, but on my terms? 

Thankfully attitudes have changed as technology has evolved to allow the workplace to be more dynamic. So why not become a VA? I’m experienced and I really enjoy supporting people, but didn't know where to start? And here is where Amy came into my life with her fantastic PA to VA course. Her course gave me focus and practical guidance, which enabled me to push myself out of my comfort zone. Amy helped me see that I really could be a successful VA and it wasn't a pipe dream. I've only just finished the course but I already have 2 great clients and have surpassed my business ambitions for Q1 & Q2 already. I feel fulfilled now with my work and that impacts on my family in such a positive way too.

If you would like to join me on the VA adventure, get the help you need and take the leap. It will be worth it. 

To learn more about From PA to VA and to sign up for the next intake on 3rd June, head here.

Amy Gould