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Interview: Alice Holland, owner of Little Prince | Baby Boys Boutique

This week I’ve interviewed Alice Holland, the brains behind Little Prince | Baby Boys Boutique. After becoming pregnant with her son last year and struggling to find beautiful, high quality clothes for him, Alice started her own online boutique. If you haven’t visited yet I highly recommend it. It’s the ideal place to find unique, high quality clothes for little boys aged 0-2, either for your own child or as a gift. I love to shop independent wherever I can and it’s such a pleasure to see a beautifully curated collection of independent brands.

And if you are intrigued by a home birth do read Alice’s post on her blog too (I cried when I read it, so have a box of tissues handy).

Alice runs her business whilst being a full-time mum to her lovely Bertie. Although it takes some serious juggling, Alice’s success shows that it’s entirely possible to start a business as a mother.

What's your business called?

Little Prince | Baby Boys Boutique

What made you start your business? 

When I was pregnant with my son, now 7 months old, I really struggled to find high quality, understated clothing for him. Everything on the high street either had dinosaur prints or loud patterns and neither were really the style I was after. I looked online but there wasn't one clear place to go for baby boys clothing. It seemed most boutiques, online stores and even high street shops like H&M and GAP had rails and rails full of pretty dresses but barely any boys clothing. We joined our local NCT group - 5 out of 8 were having boys - and they all had the same issue. We decided to go along to a baby exhibition in London and were amazed to see so many small, independent brands selling the exact stuff we'd been looking for. After a few more visits and some supplier meetings, I decided to launch Little Prince, selling the pieces I'd found and loved that weren't accessible on the high street. 

Little Prince London Alice Holland

‘I'm sure all mums will agree... no two days are ever the same!’

What does a typical day for you look like? (if there is one!)

I'm sure all mums will agree... no two days are ever the same! But I love to have a bit of routine and Bertie seems to love it too. So, a typical day starts between 6-6.30am when Bertie wakes up. I get up and make him his bottle and a cup of tea for myself and we sit in bed until around 7-7.30am when my other half, Matt leaves for work. Once we're up I do a 15-20 minute HIIT workout. I've always been really into exercise but now I struggle to go to the gym so I always try and do something in the morning to properly wake up. I encourage Bertie to have some independent play time here and then it's breakfast! I'll make something for myself and Bertie will have banana porridge or some fruit - we eat together every morning. He will no doubt have porridge all over his face, arms, hands (and in his ears!), so then we have a bath. I know some people think sharing baths is weird but I love it! Such lovely bonding time and kills two birds with one stone (my basic motto for life). Bertie then goes down for an hour nap so I respond to emails, do my Instagram posts for the day, check I've got my orders packed up and marked as dispatched etc. and have a coffee! Then we go out for the day - maybe to the park, into town, meet up with friends/ family and I don't do any work unless it's urgent. We get back in time for his dinner at around 4.30/5pm - he'll have a home made veg concoction and then he goes to bed between 6-7pm so I focus for 2 or 3 hours per night on Little Prince. 

What's the best thing about your business?

The best thing has been combining something that challenges me whilst spending all of my time with Bertie. I've always been very entrepreneurial, I've worked from the age of 15 and before I reached 20 I ran a small eBay business, so channeling that into something creative that revolves around Bertie is great. Being contacted by multiple businesses so far for interviews and editorial requests has been a massive achievement and makes me really proud.

What has been the biggest challenge so far?

Fitting it all in! I never look at my phone for long periods when Bertie is awake (unless it's really urgent), so I fit the day into his nap times and the evening. I have so many ideas for Little Prince but only so many hours in the day and sometimes I just have to take a step back and remind myself that Rome wasn't built in a day, and if everything takes a little longer then that's OK. 

What advice would you give to someone thinking of starting something on their own?

Plan, plan, plan! I have to do a daily and weekly brain dump and keep to a to do list otherwise I get completely overwhelmed. There are so many apps you can use to make life easier nowadays and I highly recommend trying to break down the weeks and months into chunks. For example, I sit down at the start of every month and plan the next 30 days worth of Instagram posts using the 'Preview' app. It's linked to Instagram and you can upload and plan all of your social media to make sure your grid is aesthetically cohesive. Moreover, it means you don't have to sit there every day coming up with the captions which frees up brain space to focus on more important things like marketing newsletters etc.  

You can find Alice on Instagram @littleprincelondon and at

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