Amy Rose Gould


Amy Rose Gould

Hi, I'm Amy

In 2016 I stepped away from my last 'real' job to become a freelance PA. A lot has changed since then but one thing has remained constant: I’m passionate about the PA industry and the impact PAs, EAs and VAs can have on their organisations and clients!


The turning point

In 2016 I worked for a Partner at an investment bank in London. It was high pressured and intense - 10 hour days and a 90 minute journey either side of that. I actually enjoyed the pressure of the job for a long time until I started to get chronic migraines, was given a bite guard by my dentist because I clenched my teeth so much in my sleep, and began to feel completely and utterly exhausted all of the time. I started to resent the guilt I felt when I ran outside to grab a coffee, or the holiday forms I had to have approved by two different people. I still enjoyed the work and the challenge of the role, but I struggled with the lack of autonomy and flexibility.

I knew something had to change, but I didn’t know where I could go next. Every idea I came up with required me to work in an office, and the odd ‘work from home’ day wasn’t going to cut it for me. I'd had enough of the daily grind, and an unknown entrepreneurial fire was beginning to smoulder inside me. So I read Marianne Cantwell’s wonderful ‘How to be a free-range human’ and began my quest to find something I could do outside of the office.

After some googling I came across an article on how to set up as a virtual assistant. Fast forward to today and I have a healthy amount of client work to keep me busy (sometimes too busy, but that’s another story!), I’ve created a VA training programme and I get to use my teaching skills while running professional development training. I get to spend more time with my beautiful daughter Isobel than I ever could if I was in my previous career, and while motherhood wasn’t one of the reasons I decided to take work into my own hands, it has definitely made me realise I made the right choice.

In fact since I’ve had Isobel my client base has expanded considerably, and I know that this growth is in part driven by determination to spend lots of time with her. But it's also due to a rise in my self-confidence and the belief that I've actually found something that I'm quite good at.


A bit more about me

Aside from my 8 years of PA/EA experience in London at a top management consultancy and then a Fortune 100 company, I also had a brief stint as a primary school teacher in the East End. While teaching wasn't for me (give me multiple diaries and timezones over thirty 5 year olds any day), communicating with and planning lessons for a wide range of learners has become an invaluable tool in my arsenal.

I have a history degree, a masters degree in film studies, a PGCE and I'm a Fellow at the Executive & Personal Assistants Association (FEPAA).

I live in Hertfordshire with my partner Nick and our lovely Isobel. 

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